MASS - mist-o

Modular bathroom system MASS, designed by MIST-O, is made in a natural conglomerate of the latest generation, sustainable, high performing and ultraslim. The MASS series plays with the extreme modularity of the elements (sink, drawers, containers and shelves) that create monoliths in the space like sculptures, which are also available in small or large dimensions, with accessories possible in a different material, such as wood. The composition creates domestic micro-architectures, in maxi or mini format. The material, usually used in sidings and casings for interiors and exteriors, is instead molded into very thin sheets to give shape to a series of modular furniture that can be combined in different, custom ways. This singular material, with the exception of some small technical components, is not just the “skin” of each piece, but it is their structure, décor, and total identity, overcoming a production challenge. For the first time a brand is offering an entire domestic landscape. The bathroom, but at the same time walls and floors, are made with the same material, creating a new harmony, a totalizing aesthetic of the interior, a “continuum”.
Pictures credit: Alberto Strada